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Nitartha-Sambhota 2.1 for Mac

We have updated the Mac Sambhota Converter to support OS X directly. The Macintosh Sambhota software package consists of the Sambhota Converter and a Tibetan TextEdit entry program called Sambhota Edit.

The Sambhota Converter will convert text files in Wylie or Asian Classics transliteration format into Tibetan script RTF files using any of the Nitartha-Sambhota 4.0 fonts. Thus the converter includes our the new cursive fonts, Drutsa, Khamdris and Ume.

Sambhota Edit allows users to type Tibetan Uchen directly and now supports all the Sambhota fonts including both Uchen and Ume fonts.

Take a look at our fonts below: (click on the tabs)


ume sample


drutsa sample


khamdris sample


ededris sample


narthang sample

The Ume and Khamdris fonts contain hundreds of character stacks supporting a wide variety of Tibetan-Sanskrit. The Drutsa font has been designed for creating posters, text titles and the like. As a result, it contains a more abbreviated selection of characters. All of the fonts are included in the Sambhota 2.1 package so there is no need to purchase individual fonts.

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