Being Fundamentally Content is a Reasonable Goal

Being fundamentally content provides the ground for being happy with our life. It’s something that we’re born with and is part of our basic makeup. We carry it with us when alone and when interacting with others.

There is nothing wrong with being basically content. There is no need to feel guilty about it. It is good to be happy in this life and to be in harmony with what we do. On a personal level, we should learn how to be content and well. On a family level, work, friend, state, national, and global level we need happiness and peace.

Resolving our suffering and being content is a good aspiration. It is not a fantasy, nor something impossible to achieve. Contentment is the ground of our existence, an innate quality of being human. It’s not a pipe dream or a castle in the sky.

More often than not, we set our goals in the future. We hope that sometime in the future, we will be content with our life after we have achieved our goals. In doing so, we typically expect the path to be difficult, painful, or challenging. If the path were easy, why aren’t we content right now? However, fruition depends on the cause. So, the cause or path leading to being basically content has to involve being content or something is wrong. So, perhaps in this case we’re mistaking being content based on conditions with being fundamentally content.

Naturally, external conditions can be disharmonious. But that is an outer problem not an inner problem. Even when external conditions are discordant, we can still be in tune and in harmony with a naturally calm mind.