Is it the Time of the Plague?

In the days of yore, the Corona Virus of today would likely have been called the plague. It would have been associated with evil forces, the devil’s work. People struck with the disease would be marked, avoided, and potentially cast off. In many ways, we are so much more fortunate today. Physicians have a better understanding of the causes of disease and avoid superstition. We have friends working in the health profession who are dedicating their lives to help others. There is something powerful and wonderful going on here when people risk their well-being to help others. This is something special to appreciate and treasure.

The Corona Virus reminds us of our mortality. We, too, can catch this disease and can perish quite easily joining others who are being claimed by this unusual malady. And quite sadly, we could leave this world, without being able to be around our friends and loved ones.

Or perhaps worse, others may be depending on us and we may be in a position where our jobs are threatened or completely lost. This is nothing to be flippant about.

How can the Buddhist teachings support us here? Maybe the best thing to do is to ask ourselves that question. What have we learned in our studies, in our meditation practice, in our aspirations, and our prayers that can support us? This is really a personal question and demands a personal answer. We need to give ourselves an opportunity to sit with this question and find our answer.